Router settings for faster internet

Router settings for faster internet

Whenever you set up new wifi, you want to speed up your wifi router, because in today's time no one likes slow speed internet, for this, you have to follow these simple steps for fast internet speed.

1.Move Your Router

If you want fast internet speed, then for this you have to change the position of your router. If you keep the router in a closet, it will reduce the speed of your wifi router. , Can be obstructed by furniture, appliances, and basically any large physical object, so you should always keep your router in an open area and not on any iron item.

2.Change the Channel or Band

wifi signals are divided into channels and your wifi router uses a special Wi-Fi channel to communicate with devices around your home, and if your neighbors also use the same Wi-Fi channel Some can quickly become confused. To avoid this, you should switch to a different channel which can solve this problem. Many routers use a default auto setting in which they allow the router to switch between 20 and 40 MHz channel width. The 20 MHz channel is slower than the 40 MHz channel but it accommodates older computers and has a slightly better range.

Many routers typically operate on two radio frequency bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The band you use for your connection may affect your speed and the quality of your connection at different distances from your router.

Connections best for 2.4 GHz band:                            

  • Security cameras
  • Smart home devices
  • Smart speakers

Connections best for 5 GHz band:

  • Smart TVs
  • Smartphones
  • PCs
  • Gaming consoles


3.Adjust your router’s antennas

Most routers have an internal antenna. They are usually connected to the device. You cannot adjust them if you have a router with an internal antenna, then you can skip this step.

But if your router has an adjustable antenna then you can try to configure it. The antennae of the router are omnidirectional which means they send signals in all directions perpendicular to the antenna. For example, a vertical antenna horizontally sends a wifi signal and vice versa. So if you need to spread your Wi-Fi signals across multiple floors, adjusting an antenna to sit horizontally to spread the Wi-Fi signals up and down may help.

4.Extend your Wi-Fi network

If your router is perfect and it is also at the right location, even then you are having internet connectivity issues in some parts of your home, then you need to add a device that can increase the range of your network.

These are two devices that you can use to increase the reach of your network.

  • Wi-Fi boosters: It sits between your wifi router and the dead zone, and they extend or redistribute existing Wi-Fi signals to a new zone.
  • Mesh Wi-Fi systems: You should replace your router with one or more devices that work together to create a Wi-Fi network that can cover your entire home from multiple points of view.


5.802.11n and Encryption

The 802.11n standard provides fast speed on a wireless router, you get speeds of at least 300 Mbps. This standard is limited to 54 Mbps only, and you set it to WEP or WPA encryption if the router has no encryption. It can reach the highest speed if you set the wifi router to mixed mode or WPA / WPA2 encryption when your computer or other device starts using WPA encryption, at that time all the computers in the network The speed is reduced to 54 Mbps.

6.Update your router’s firmware

You have logged into the router's interface to see the wifi channel, then you must have seen the option to update that firmware. By updating your router, your router is secure and it stays up to date with the latest software. Typically new router has an automatic firmware router update. If your router does not have an automatic update, you should make sure that your router works from time to time as soon as possible.

7.Use an Ethernet Cable

A wired connection is usually good for wireless. It is very fast and stable and does not even affect other devices. For devices that have the fastest Internet possible - gaming console or streaming box, for example, it is often worth the effort to play the wire. The router will have a handful of Ethernet ports to spare, so all you need is a cable.

8.Check Your PC

This tip is only for computers. If your computer or laptop runs the internet slow and works fine on other devices, then you have to monitor task manager and activity in your computer and check the programs running in the background. Can be set to auto-update which is not required. If they are always updating in the background, this may be the reason for your slow internet. Check it and adjust the settings.

9.Password Your Wi-Fi

We do not need to tell you that you should always keep the password in your wifi as it can keep hackers away from you and keep neighbors away from your bandwidth from Netflix which will definitely slow you down. Make sure you are using AES encryption, which is the safest and most speed-friendly security option. You should always keep a password in your wifi router and keep that password with alphanumeric keywords as well as special characters. Such passwords cannot be easily cracked by anyone.

10.Cut Off Unused Devices

This reduces a lot of devices on your network. This makes dozens of things tapping into Wi-Fi at once problematic. Anything you can plug into Ethernet, and unplug anything you connect to but not need. You only have to ensure the things that require internet, get internet. Whatever good routers are, it usually controls to prioritize a particular device or service and is also an easy way to ensure that your games never cause any trouble with someone else streaming videos on Facebook. Does not occur.

11.Replace your router

Tech is not updating very quickly. A few years ago a top-notch router might not cut it anymore, so especially if you added more devices to your network and if you last changed your router before 2014, you'd probably be in that two Wi-Fi generations Working together. This Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) is still fairly new, it would have been much better at arranging connections between multiple devices than its predecessors. It also makes it better for multiple smart home devices, computers, tablets, and home networks that dominate smartphones at the same time. But the Wi-Fi 6 router is very expensive. A router with Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) standards is still very good. When shopping for a new router, we recommend wifi 5 using a network management app that uses the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands. And are able to handle faster speeds than your current internet plan.

12.Upgrade to faster internet

If you have followed all the tips and still your internet connection is running slow then in this condition you need to upgrade your internet plan. Once you upgrade the internet plan, you will get fast internet speed.