Router settings for gaming

Router settings for gaming

There so many gamers online who are very passionate about gaming and they take it very seriously but when they can’t play their game smoothly they get frustrated. If you are also a gamer and also facing the same issue then you should know that for a good gaming experience you should have a good internet connection. For uninterrupted gaming, you should have a gaming router. But having only a gaming router doesn’t necessarily solve the issue because you will need to configure the router so that your router can give you the best performance. So, if you want to know how you can configure your router for the best gaming experience then continue reading our blog.

How do I optimize my router for gaming?

Finding the best tool for configuring the router setting

Before starting to configure your router you should prepare the tools that will require configuring the router. You will need tools like Ethernet cable or software to determine the best setting for your router. Choosing a wireless connection will be better than a wireless connection because you should know that a wireless connection can always give you the connection that you will need to play online games.

Check Quality of Service

Have ever noticed that sometimes you can play the game online smoothly and sometimes with the same internet connection your game lag. The reason behind this can be the number of people connected to your network and what are they doing online. Having a gaming router doesn’t mean that your router will give more bandwidth than others. So, if there are so many users of your internet connection then there will be less bandwidth available for gaming and you won’t get a good gaming experience.

So, if there are so many users of your router’s internet connection then you should get your own router for the best experience.

Choosing the wired connection

We have already mentioned that for a better fast internet connection you should use a wired connection. If you have multiple users for your router’s internet connection then you should use a Ethernet cable for a better game experience. In case you think that using the Ethernet cable will need you to stick to one place then there are also log cables available in the market.

The routers with gigabit Ethernet points will be a great option for gaming purposes. By using routers with gigabit Ethernet points you will able to get a lot better and faster connection than usual wifi can give you.

In case your router is another room then no matter how long Ethernet cable you use it won’t be enough. So, in this case, you can use powerline adapters. Using the powerline will allow you to transfer the needed data through the usual power outlets.

Having the MU-MIMO option

Having the MU-MIMO is one of the best options that you can have when you know there is going to be multiple users for your router’s network. If you have multiple devices connected to your router then every people using the connection will do different activities and it will affect the speed of the connection. When you don’t have the MU-MIMO, your router provides the required speed one by one to every connected device. But when you have the MU-MIMO option then your router creates small networks that ensure that every devices are getting a smooth connection. Having a small network for your gaming will ensure that you are getting enough speed to play your game smoothly.

Use a barely used channel

There are various channels used when you connect to the internet. You can find the least used channel and use it for a better connection. By using the least used channel you will be able to get an uninterrupted gaming experience. You will have to find this setting manually in order to use this feature but when you find the feature it will be worth it.

Checking the CPU and RAM Speed

  If you are thinking that having a high CPU and RAM speed is enough then you are wrong. Having a high CPU and RAM speed is not enough you also need to consider the CPU and RAM of your router. If you have been thinking that only computers require CPU and RAM to run then you are absolutely wrong because the router also needs them. Without CPU and RAM router won’t work. If there are multiple devices connected and CPU’s and RAM’s speed is not good then your router won’t be able to take the load.

In case you know that there are won’t be many users of your router then you go for cheaper routers but if you know that there are going to more than 2 users for your router then you should go for a router with a good CPU and RAM. Consider a household in which there will so many smart devices connected to your router then you should consider a good router that can take a load of multiple devices.

While purchasing a router you should always its multi-tasking features and uses. Go for the router that offers you maximum features and can be good for any purpose like streaming, web hosting etc.

Rebooting your router frequently

Sometimes devices start acting strangely and they need to be rebooted. Rebooting the router solves the issues sometimes. If you are also having an issue with your router then you should reboot it. To reboot the router you will just have to turn off the router and leave your router like that for at least 10 to 30 seconds. When 10 to 30 seconds are over you may start your router.

If you have an old router then should do it more often. Old routers also can cause your games to freeze and give you interrupted network connections. So, if you have an old router try then try to get a new one. But in case you are in no condition to buy a new router then the reboot technique is a great option for you.

Routers also have a feature called a programmable timer switch which automatically reboot your router from time to time. So, you can also use this feature for your convenience.


After reading the article you must have realized that having the right router makes a huge difference. So, you should make sure you select the right router according to your requirement. With the right router and correct settings, there will be a huge difference in your router performance.

By following the instructions mentioned in this article your make your router performance better and have a smooth gaming experience.